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Introducing a selection of films from Belarus Studios

Based on the novel by Nikolai Ilyinsky “Alien amongst his own”. The film is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian police. Front-line reconnaissance senior lieutenant Smolich arrives in Porechye to strengthen the local police in difficult times: gangs are terrorizing the population in Western Belarus. The bandits of the mysterious Freishyuts, a former accomplice of the Nazis, are especially fierce. Smolich and the head of the criminal investigation department Krikunov must neutralize the elusive enemy. However, the plan for the police operation is suddenly in jeopardy due to information leakage. It turns out that there is a traitor amongst the police.

Footprints on Water

The film tells how the Azerbaijani oligarch Ibragimov daughter was kidnapped. His 9-year-old daughter is taken away to Europe and the kidnappers begin to blackmail her father so that he abandons oil wells. Leila manages to escape from the kidnappers, so soon enough an Azerbaijani girl who does not speak Russian is found by a Belarusian grandmother, who takes her in.


Continuation of the famous television series "State Border". The action of the new film takes place against the backdrop of the collapse of the USSR. Border guard officer Anton Pekarsky, having gone through the war in Afghanistan and having served ten years on the border in Central Asia, becomes unnecessary for a state that is falling apart and he returns to his native Belarus. However, knowledge and fidelity to the duty of an experienced border guard are in demand in the homeland, where new national border guard services are being created.

State Border